Private Liquor Tastings

Craft Brewery and Distillery Tours

Save the romantic winery tours for a trip with the girlfriend...the boys want beer!

The Lowermainland is the microbrewery capital of Canada and you'll also find more than a few interesting craft beers to sample while visiting Kelowna and Whistler.  If you are looking for something harder we can throw in a few distilleries along the way...pickle vodka anyone? (makes the best caesar ever!).  Our Sexy Sidekicks will show you the best spots to go and get you between them safely on our party bus.

Price: $420 for the sidekicks,  party bus price varies on size and time,  tastings can be pre-paid and included or pay as you go.

MAN Drinks

Nothing impresses the ladies more than a man who knows his way around a bar and can order a drink with authority. So liven up your party with a quick lesson in mixology! Our sexy bartender will teach you how to make the five classic drinks every man should know: 

  1. The Old Fashion 

  2. The Manhattan

  3. Tom Collins 

  4. The Sidecar 

  5. Classic Martini (Shaken or Stirred)

Learn the terminology and varations such as a "burnt" martini or "dirty", "buckeye" and "gibson", then all the garnishes and ways to shake or stir.  Of course no drink lesson would be complete without tasting them so come thirsty! 

Price: $100 party package + $25 per person. Extra bartenders available for $100 each.